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A Trip to Treasure by Bernadette Bland, author of Flights of Fancy





9781450284523_COVER.inddTitle: Flight of Fancy
Genre: Poetry/Prose/Short Story
Author: Bernadette Bland
Publisher: iUniverse
Pages: 64
Language: English
ISBN – 978-1-45028-453-0

Life is filled with emotional highs and lows. Riding the wave of this experience is part of living, but for poet Bernadette Bland, dreaming was even more important. No matter the attitude, mood, or circumstance, Ms. Bland has always believed in the beauty of life. Never to be deterred from her heart’s desire, she has ridden her own life wave with an eye to her dreams and an eye to the beauty of nature.

In her new poetry collection, Flights of Fancy, Ms. Bland shares her imagery with the outside world. She delves into the lavish splendor of nature in “Drifting Grace: God’s Art Show.” She peers behind the protective mask of a weeping clown in “Behind the Mask.” She recalls watching her mother slowly grow old in the poignant “Mama.” In all her words, she reveals her deepest yearnings and fears with selfless honesty.

Flights of Fancy is an example of an imagination set free. Ms. Bland fills her poetry with wonder and will leave you longing to step out into the sun. She is not afraid to depict the sometimes traumatic rollercoaster of life; yet she encourages us to move on, move up, and not look back. Within every word, she calls to the reader, challenging each one of us to never stop dreaming!

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A Trip to Treasure – Boston, MA


H I recently had an experience of a life time traveling from Schenectady, N.Y.to Boston, MA. to attend and participate in the Annual Convention of the AARP -SO+ Uving. A huge event,the Centeris filled with all types of vendors that cater to the Oenior Citizens of this country.


As a newly published author, Iwas invited by iUniverse Publishing to represent them at the convention and to do some signing of my new book to be handed out to the attendees. What an exciting prospect for me. Imagine me! Signing my books for people to actually read. Iwas excited and terrified at the same time.It was all so new to me. What do Ido? How am Isupposed to look/dress appropriately for such an occasion?I’d have to meet and greet people, all strangers. How do Iact?


As the time got closer,Iwas provided with some tips and advice; directions to the to the center,and a layout of the floor plan. This trip was planned to be a time for my husband and myself for the day after the book signing. Boston has what is known as the Freedom Trail, 9originally Freedom Way), a walking tour of the most historic sites withinthe City of Boston. Many years ago, all these historic site were scattered about with no definite conjuction of the sites and probably no real interest. Ihave an Uncle (Bill Schofield) who lived and worked  in the city for most of his life. He was very interested in these sites and felt they should have a connection to each one. He planned out a  tour to make this connection and took it to the city’s planning/governing boards with his proposal for thewalking tour path. After many years of pleading and cajoling,these officials finally agreed and the walkway was built. Soon, tourists by the thousandsinstead of hundreds were making the tour to connect with some very important history, There are 16 sites incorporated into the 2.5 mile brick marker sidewalk tourIncluding The Old North Church, Faneuil Hall, the USS Constitution,The Paul Revere House,Bunker Hill Monument and more. Ifelt it to be part of my history too. Uncle,Bill Schofield, a veteran newsman. Honored as ‘Father of the Freedom Trail’ Schofield was an editor and

daily columnist for ‘The Boston Herald’.He was better known for his invention for the Freedom Trail.A Veteran Navy Captainwho served in

WWII,he wrote seven novels about the war and Navy Frogmen in particular. As detailed as they were, Icouldn’t find aninterestin them but my husband did being he is a 25 year Navy Veteran himself who served with the Navy Seals.


Unfortunately,Inever got to do the trail due to a bad fall which put me out of commission for a few days.Ididdo the signing though from a wheel chair and was so happy Idid. The people Imet were charming and shared some very kind words about my book which made the whole trip so very worthwhile,and if Icould, ‘d doit all again in a nano-second as they say.


Bernadette Bland was born in Westerly, Rhode Island. A news reporter and photographer for many years, her poetry has been published by the National Library of Poetry, the Amherst Society, and the Iliad Press, among others. Ms. Bland lives with her husband in the Capital District of upstate New York.



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