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Up Close & Personal with ‘Revived by Grace’ Emma Clay

Emma Clay is a writer who shares her own experiences about her encounters with self and her bad decisions. She shares how she transformed a life that seemed hopeless and seeks to give answers to your own questions.  She is dedicated to sharing her true stories with others, in the hopes they will avoid the same pot holes, pitfalls, and detours in their own lives.

She loves people, and her need to share this love will hopefully encourage others to find their own way.

Her latest book is the Christian inspirational memoir, Revived by Grace.

Visit her website at www.EmmaClay.com.

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Emma Clay

The thing about me is that I ….. love the Lord with all my heart, and I desperately want others to know Him. I have seen and tasted His goodness, and I know how much I must have disappointed Him in the past. I thank Him that He did not grow tired of being patient with me. Now that I have been saved, my life has been transformed, and I have the peace that passes all understanding.

Revived by GraceWhen I first get up in the morning, I ….. slowly drink my coffee as I read my Bible.

The most important thing in my life is ….. the Lord, above all else.

I love to travel to ….. places full of history.

In my spare time, I ….. garden.

One thing I learned about life was ….. there is only one thing that can truly fill the emptiness in us.  Everything else is a just façade and will eventually fade.

The sole mission I am on this earth is to ….. be pleasing in God’s sight by glorifying him by being a faithful servant.

One little known fact about me that might surprise you is ….. I love construction work. I love making something from nothing.

My favorite time of day is ….. early in the morning when everything is quiet.

I love to write about ….. real stories about my own life.

The most difficult aspect about writing is ….. crafting the words. I write the way I talk, and I don’t tiptoe around the issues. I try to just say it like it is and always tell the truth.

My most favorite aspect about writing is ….. I can just be myself.

When I became a published author for the first time, I ….. was relieved. I actually felt free for the first time in my life.

The inspiration behind my book comes from ….. God—particularly my own experiences of how God has worked in my life.

The most asked question about my book is ….. where did you find the courage to tell the truth so openly.


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