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Up Close and Personal with Anne Sawyer-Aitch

Nalah and the Pink Tiger


Nalah and the Pink Tiger is a picture book by Anne Sawyer-Aitch. She drew inspiration for this story from her lively little niece, who lives so intensely in her imagination that grown-ups around her view her as a troublemaker. Things come to a head when – in addition to all the exotic animals that Nalah has “placed” in the house – a pink tiger “follows” her home from the zoo and creates havoc. The story also celebrates the joyful explosiveness of a child’s imagination. To illustrate the book, Anne developed a style which she calls illuminated iIllustration, featuring multiple layers and backlighting that create vibrant, textured pages.



The thing about me is that I …..  

Like to make big messes, but hate to clean them up.

When I first get up in the morning, I ….. 

Drink very strong, very hot coffee and wait for my brain to power up.

The most important thing in my life is …..  

The people in it, and art. In that order. I’m doubly blessed with a wonderful community of family and friends, and a constant need to make stuff. It might be a story, or a puppet, or a casserole. Which I then get to share with the people in my life. It all works out.

I love to travel to ….. 

Warm places. My husband Jemiah and I have been to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Mexico in the last seven years. When you live in a cold climate like Minnesota, getting away for a week into a tropical paradise and kayaking in the middle of January is just about the best thing ever. (Aside from coffee, Cheetos, and red wine.)

In my spare time, I ….. 

Papier-maché twelve-foot puppets, embroider, and read aloud to Jemiah when he cleans up the kitchen after dinner. (It works great, ladies! And never forget that old adage, gents: “No woman ever shot a man while he was doing the dishes.”)

One thing I learned about life was …..

Forgiving yourself or others- when you can manage it – is better than any tonic or drug on the market. And good gear can keep you dry and warm even in the worst weather.

The sole mission I am on this earth is to ….. 

Find out what my sole mission is.

One little known fact about me that might surprise you is …..

I’m an extroverted introvert.

My favorite time of day is ….. 

Dinnertime. It’s when I get to check in with Jemiah and relax a bit.

I love to write about … 

Imaginary realities.

The most difficult aspect about writing is ….. 

Allowing oneself the luxury of wallowing in it. There will always be dishes, and laundry and emails to answer. If I can let myself shut those things out for a few hours to write or create a piece of art, the time melts away.

My most favorite aspect about writing is ….. 

The way everything that you experience, down to small details you didn’t even think you noticed, can end up in your work. The brain is an amazing composting machine.

When I became a published author for the first time, I ….. 

Couldn’t stop grinning for days.

The inspiration behind my book comes from ….. 

My niece, Nalah. She’s hilarious. All my nieces and nephews knock my socks off.

The most asked question about my book is ….. 

“Did you do the illustrations too?” The answer is: yes. I borrowed techniques I use to make my color shadow puppets. There is a lot of cut-out work – all the patterns you see in the book were lovingly created with an Xacto knife.


anne-sawyer-puppets-300ABOUT ANNE SAWYER-AITCH

Anne Sawyer-Aitch (pronounced like the letter “H”) is a puppeteer and stilt-walker. Nalah and the Pink Tiger is her first children’s book. She has worked for years with Minneapolis-based groups In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre and the all-women’s stilting troupe Chicks on Sticks. Anne likes to create all kinds of puppets: parade floats, giant stilt puppets, and intricate color shadow shows. Currently, she is performing her Nalah and the Pink Tiger puppet show in English and Spanish around MN. She is a recipient of awards from the Jim Henson Foundation, the Puppeteers of America, the MN State Arts Board, and the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council. She lives in Minneapolis with her computer genius husband and a pack of imaginary dogs.

You can view her website at http://www.nalahandthepinktiger.com.

Connect with Anne:



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