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Up Close and Personal with Kyle Scott of ‘The Federalist Papers’


Kyle Scott, PhD, teaches American politics and constitutional law at Duke University. He has published three books and dozens of articles on issues ranging from political parties to Plato. His commentary on contemporary politics has appeared in Forbes, Reuters.com, Christian Science Monitor, Foxnews.com, and dozens of local outlets including the Philadelphia Inquirer and Baltimore Sun.

To find out more, please visit http://kyleascott.wordpress.com

Find him on Twitter at : ScottKyleA

Find him on Facebook at : http://www.facebook.com/kyleasc


The thing about me is that I …..

Can’t sit still or be content. Once one thing is done it’s on to another. No time for reflection.

When I first get up in the morning, I …..

Do pushups.

The most important thing in my life is …..

My family!

I love to travel to …..

Anywhere cool (referring to temperature).

In my spare time, I …..

Compete in triathlons.

One thing I learned about life was …..

You can’t plan for it.

The sole mission I am on this earth is to …..

Find out what that mission is.

One little known fact about me that might surprise you is …..

I’m terrified to speak in public but do it on a daily basis.

My favorite time of day is …..

Early morning.

I love to write about …

Things that have made me angry. It’s therapeutic.

The most difficult aspect about writing is …..

Getting started.

My most favorite aspect about writing is …..

Being a different voice.

When I became a published author for the first time, I …..

Thought my job was done. And I was wrong.

The inspiration behind my book comes from …..

What people have gotten wrong about The Federalist Papers.

The most asked question about my book is …..

Why didn’t someone think of writing about The Federalist Papers like this before?



The Federalist Papers constitute a key document in the understanding of the American government. Written by John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton, these 85 texts were published between 1787 and 1788 to convince the state of New York to ratify the Constitution.

Today, the Papers are studied in courses on American government, American political thought, and constitutional law. However, the size and organization of the full text, notwithstanding its complex political concepts and context, make it difficult for students to apprehend. The Reader’s Guide will be a key tool to help them understand the issues at hand and the significance of the Papers then and now. Organized around key issues, such as the branches of the government, the utility of the Union, or skepticism of a national regime, the work will walk the reader through the 85 Papers, providing them with the needed intellectual and historical contexts.

Designed to supplement the reading of The Federalist Papers, the guide will help elucidate not only their contents, but also their importance and contemporary relevance.

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