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Up Close and Personal with ‘Going for Excelsior’ Wayne Hatford

Wayne HatfordWayne Hatford, B.A. in French and Spanish, M.A. in International Administration, is a teacher, writer, editor and author dedicated to bridging the gap between the physical and non-physical worlds. To that end, he channeled a friend, Janice Horn ~ “Letters from Janice: Correspondence with the Astral Plane” and, more recently, the spirit essence of Rudolph Valentino ~ “Valentino Speaks: The Wisdom of Rudolph Valentino” and “Going for Excelsior: Thriving in Seniorhood,” all of which are available via Amazon.com. Each of these works explores the “Other Side” while offering insight and practical suggestions on how best to make the most of this one.

A life-long student of metaphysics and transformation, Wayne has both taught in public school and been a personal property appraiser. Wayne Hatford now resides in Santa Rosa, California where he and the Valentino essence continue their collaboration.

His latest book is Going for Excelsior: Thriving in Seniorhood.



The thing about me is that I …..love beauty, in all its iterations!

When I first get up in the morning, I …..always look out of my bedroom window to greet the day.

The most important thing in my life is …..communication. Nothing is more stimulating than a well-turned phrase or sentence.

I love to travel to …..Italy! More than any other ‘foreign’ country, it feels like home.

In my spare time, I ….. like to haunt certain antique venues, like auction houses and shops.

One thing I learned about life was …..that there is always something more to learn!

The sole mission I am on this earth is to …..normalize the idea that cross-dimensional communication is not only possible but happens all the time.

One little known fact about me that might surprise you is …..I have always been a big fan of R & B music!

My favorite time of day is …..twilight..

I love to write about … anything that has metaphysical import.

The most difficult aspect about writing is …..maintaining the same synergy and flow from sentence to sentence.

My most favorite aspect about writing is …..when it dawns on you that something you’ve written is complete, that you’ve done your best ~ the equivalent of a ‘Eureka’ moment.

When I became a published author for the first time, I …..celebrated with friends, and we all toasted with a glass of champagne.

The inspiration behind my book comes from …..my own experience as a Senior along with a desire to help people view that stage of life through a different lens.

The most asked question about my book is …..how much of your book is you and how much is Rudy? The answer is approximately 50-50.

About the Book:

Going for ExcelsiorWhat if you were as savvy as you could possibly be in matters of aging and, therefore, really soar, breeze through the final chapters of your life with flying colors? The ’senior’ experience, through only the most constructive and creative of lenses! Going for Excelsior” offers practical suggestions for successfully negotiating Seniorhood, a blueprint for active living ~ how to embrace where you’re at in your life, find hidden gems, turn up the voltage. Thriving in Seniorhood is about going beyond what’s expected or being directed at you by the host society and this book provides the reader with the tools and understandings to accomplish that goal. Conundrums solved. The sting removed from such phenomena as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Myths about Seniors debunked. These are only a few of the benefits that can be derived from reading this book which, hopefully, will serve to stretch your consciousness, something that’s rather elastic to begin with ~ in every stage of life.

‘Seniorhood’ ~ Where people often like to perceive us, once we have attained a certain age. Also, where we can choose to thrive, with clarity of purpose ~ and by design!

“Like all those who currently inhabit a body, you, too, are getting ready for Excelsior. Especially allow the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond of your ages to be magical in this regard, for you to be way-showers, preparing yourselves mentally, physically and spiritually for the next phase. There always is a next phase, by the way, and we are always getting ready for it. You are part of a grand design as am I. There is no other option!” ~ Rudolph Valentino

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