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Up Close & Personal with ‘Wondertown’ Mac Follows

Mac FollowsReclusive writer and composer Mac Fallows first began pitching the idea of a musical book for teens and adults to music and book publishers in the late eighties. But without the technology to support his vision, he didn’t get far.

So instead, he set out to travel the world in search of new challenges . . . and stories. He went on to write and produce over 100 songs in a dozen languages in places including Dakar, Mumbai, Prague, and Santiago for singers including Youssou N’dour, Shankar Mahadevan, Pape and Cheikh, and Kavita Krishnamoorthy.

Along the way he lived with taxi drivers and their families, camped in farmers’ fields, butchered bulls, sold tea, raised chickens, translated travel contracts, worked as a session musician, a construction worker, a teacher, and toured the biggest festivals in Europe as a member of one of Africa’s most celebrated bands.​

Wondertown is the first true musical story he’s published. It includes a full-length fantasy novel, 12 related songs and 17 illustrations.

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Little Known Facts about Mac Follows:

The thing about me is that I ….. love to write songs that are sung by characters in stories that I’ve also written.

When I first get up in the morning, I ….. stretch. Then I write. Sometimes, I reverse the order.

The most important thing in my life is ….. my family.

I love to travel to ….. West Africa, where the other half of my family lives.

In my spare time, I ….. run as fast as I can.

One thing I learned about life was ….. that animals understand it better than we do.

The sole mission I have on this earth is to ….. live.

One little known fact about me that might surprise you is ….. that my first real concert as an adult performer was in front of 10,000 people and simulcast to TV and radio. My second was in front of 50,000.

My favorite time of day is ….. morning.

I love to write about … the people I’ve met during my travels.

The most difficult aspect about writing is ….. editing.

My most favorite aspect about writing is ….. starting. And finishing. It’s a tie.

When I became a published author for the first time, I ….. wasn’t sure what to think as I was self-published. I can say that the first time I heard one of my songs in a taxi cab, I was pretty pleased.

The inspiration behind my book comes from ….. a mix of the books I read as a teen and the underdogs I met in real life.

The most asked question about my book is ….. When will the next installment come out?

About the Book:

WondertownWondertown is a full-length fantasy novel from Mac Fallows that includes twelve original songs—each one an extension of the story sung by the characters themselves- and seventeen illustrations from acclaimed illustrator, Emrah Elmasli.

The story centres around Neil Abbott, an undersized, introverted eleven-year old boy with the ability to tell about people by touching their possessions. He doesn’t fit in either at home or at school and rarely speaks to anyone, with the exception of his grandmother, who has a secret talent of her own.

One day, after a particularly difficult week, Neil asks his grandmother if she thinks he’s normal, and she responds by telling him the remarkable story of an unlikely hero, who long ago crossed the five parts of the world to free his only friend from a demon lord. Filled with hidden meaning, vivid images, and songs that bring the characters to life, Wondertown is an unforgettable journey to a place inside each of us few of us dare to go.





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