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Bud Bradshaw Visits Between the Covers During His RIVERWALKER Book Tour

Author Bud Bradshaw

About Bud Bradshaw

Bud Bradshaw’s fictional work, “RIVERWALKER,” is his second work, the first being “BRANDISHING,” the true-crime story of the California Highway Patrol’s worst tragedy.  His previous formal writing experience consisted of med-legal report writing – chiefly as a Qualified Medical Evaluator and Disability Evaluator – and Intelligence report writing while he served as a Special Agent with the Army’s 109th MI Group from 1969-71.

As an artist, Bradshaw’s work focuses on military history and the American West.  Many of his paintings, prints, and Giclees appear in private collections and museums in the U.S., Canada, England, Europe, Hong Kong, and Australia. He is a member of the Western Artists of America.

Along the way, Bradshaw worked as a professional musician while earning his B.S. and D.C. degrees.  You may view his web site and blog at budbradshaw.com/blog

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Visit Bud Bradshaw at  www.budbradshaw.com/blog



Q: Why was writing RIVERWALKER so important to you?

Because my previous work, “BRANDISHING”, had wrung me out emotionally. A non-fiction/true crime story, that book required many years of research and carried with it an emotional component far beyond anything anticipated.  Afterwards, I decided the next book should afford a change of pace: something lighter, less demanding and intense; one consideration was to write a children’s book.  Whatever the decision, though, it would have to be something fictional.  Naturally, fiction has its own set of demands, not the least of which is – for the sake of plausibility- a grounding in some kind of fact.   This would then require a certain amount of travel down Research Road, which was fine; but, before long, the simple had morphed into the complex and I learned a very important truth about fiction: never underestimate it.

Q: Can you tell us a little of what it’s about?

“RIVERWALKER” is the story of a uniquely gifted San Antonio police detective, Gifford Holloway, on the trail of a serial child killer – a psychotic, drug-pumping monster – who prowls the city’s famous Riverwalk attraction.  With the help of Salma Veramendi, a newspaper reporter, Holloway eventually confronts this unique evil.  Along the way, the reader will encounter several topics of interest, to include the following: the art and science of remote viewing; Nazis and the Norse pantheon; brujas and the Aztec pantheon; Ouija-like instruments called “Tablets”; sexual dimorphism; child abuse; drug abuse; and the history of San Antonio and the Riverwalk.

Q: How did you come up with the title?

Originally conceived as a ghost story set in San Antonio, it was decided to juxtapose an element of horror with something beautiful; it followed that the murders would take place along the city’s beautiful Riverwalk attraction, and that the murderer, then, would be the “RIVERWALKER.” It was a “natural,” a working title which remained in place.

Q: In RIVERWALKER you blend suspense, mystery, thriller and even paranormal aspects. Was it thrilling to write with in this many aspects?  Did you know what was going to happen or did you let the character guide you through this journey?

Maintaining flexibility was important, and that included allowing each character a full range of expression.  The genre overlap never seemed problematic; the story went its own way, followed its own head, genre be damned.  Good would triumph over evil, that much was certain in the beginning; but it took some time to determine what form that triumph would take.

Q: What was it about the mystery/thriller genre that intrigues you?

The unpredictability of the unknown; the dark side of humanity that haunts us; the fearful imagery it evokes; and our final solutions to our fears.

Q: Now that RIVERWALKER has been published, do you have another book in the wings?

Yes.  Gifford Holloway will be back, this time with new friends.

Q: Would you like to tell our readers anything else about you, your goals or upcoming appearances?

I enjoy and appreciate their comments and thoughts about my work.  They’re free to contact me on Twitter at  @budbradshaw1

or my web site at  www.budbradshaw.com/blog


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