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Author Interview: Susan Wingate & SPIDER BRAINS

Most recently, Susan Wingate’s novels, SPIDER BRAINS and DROWNING each reached Amazon Bestseller status in 2012. DROWNING won the 2011 Forward National Literature Award for Drama. She would love for you to read her books. You can find them all under the tab on this site labeled “Books”. SUSAN has written eleven novels, two short story collections, a few plays, one screenplay and tons of poems. Her latest 2011 novel DROWNING  (contemporary women’s fiction), won 1st place in the 2011 Forward National Literature Award and also won a finalist award for the category of Women’s Fiction/Chick Lit in the 2011 International Book Awards. A vibrant public speaker, Susan offers inspiring, motivational talks about the craft of writing, publishing and marketing, and how to survive this extremely volatile (e-)Publishing industry. She presents these lectures for private groups and at writing conferences, libraries and bookstores around the country.

To get your copy of SPIDER BRAINS by Susan Wingate:http://www.amazon.com/Spider-Brains-Love-Story-ebook/dp/B007KDAS0C/ref=la_B003CMMERK_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1339336080&sr=1-6

To view all books by Susan Wingate: http://www.amazon.com/Susan-Wingate/e/B003CMMERK/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

To learn more about Susan, go to her website: http://www.susanwingate.com

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Welcome to Between the Covers, Susan. Why was writing Spider Brains so important to you?

I can’t say that it started out important to me but by the time I realized the full story, it became extremely important. It started out a teen fiction idea but with zero depth and then came the loss of the main character’s father and her attention-deficit disorder. Then came the bullying issues and the mean teacher. In my opinion, Spider Brains grew into a very special story.

What was the experience like writing Spider Brains?

My husband hated it! LOL. I walked and talked and acted like Susie Speider until I completed the novel. I became subsumed in the character and her voice. I loved it but my husband really believed he’d married a 15-year-old at times.

How did you come up with the title?

Well, Spider Brains came after the working title. The working title was Speider: The “E” is Silent. It felt like too much of a mouthful and I wanted to change it. After the writing of Spider Brains, when I could sit back a ways from it and give it some good thought, the title presented itself. Susie’s wild thinking gave me the ‘brain’ part of the title and then the fantasy part spider scenes gave me the rest. I like it much better than the working title.

Can you tell us more about your main character, Susie Speider?

Susie Speider is an extremely intelligent young lady who tends toward sarcasm and one-upping people, even herself. She loves words and making up words. She has high hopes for her future in the publishing world and she’s got her eye set on working as the editor of the high school newspaper.

What are her strengths and what are her weaknesses?

Susie has the propensity to analyze things deeply. To me, this is her single strength AND weakness.

Are there any supporting characters we need to know about?

There are four key supporting characters: Willa Speider, Susie’s mother; Matthew Ryder, the neighbor boy; Paul Ryder, Matthew’s father; and Mrs. Morlson–the gnarliest of gnarly teachers.

Can you open to page 25 and tell us what’s happening?

Susie has just gotten up from a nap and smells the flaky, buttery scent of a pie her mom has baked for the new neighbors. It’s delicious smell has permeated the air and is dragging Susie “by the nostrils” to the kitchen. And, then, there’s the issue of Justin Beiber.

What about page 65?

Susie has had a bad day at school because of her “Nazi” teacher, Mrs. Morlson and so she’s turned to her favorite instrument– one she’s just learning to play–the saxophone. Her cat, Delilah is there with her on the bed, however briefly when she picks up the sax and begins to blow, hard, to extinguish thoughts from her nasty day at school.

Now that Spider Brains has been published, what’s your next project?

I’m working on two projects actually. The second book in the Susie Speider Series and also an apocalyptic thriller entitled Eschatos. Eschatos will be categorized as young adult also.

Thanks, Susan, for this wonderful interview. Do you have anything you’d like to tell our readers that hasn’t been discussed?

I’d like to say thank YOU so much for having me. It’s been my pleasure to do this interview. -Susan.


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