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Book Excerpt: Do You Dare To Be Yourself? by Andreas Dudas

Title: Do You Dare To Be Yourself?
Author: Andreas Dudas
Genre: Leadership/self-improvement
Pages: 260
Publisher: BE SHiRO Excellence
Language: English
ISBN: Paperback version: 978-3-033-03255-2
ISBN: E-book version : 978-3-033-03254-5

Bestselling author Andreas Dudas has solutions for those facing a career or life change in his new book, Do You Dare To Be Yourself? Developing Power in Life and Leadership Through Authenticity. The book can be described as Who Moved My Cheese? meets If Life is a Game, These are the Rules. Based on the author’s real experience gained from all over the world as project director, life coach and manager in top executive positions , the book offers frank thoughts, vivid examples, concrete advice and mental techniques all designed to inspire people in transition to find their true calling. According to Dudas, “It is an empowering resource for those willing to step beyond fear and create the real destiny that they want. It is a master plan for living a successful authentic life.”

Do You Dare To Be Yourself? goes beyond standard how-to books. It engages the reader by placing them on a journey to self-authenticity in an allegory format—making it easy to understand complex principles that have the potential to liberate a person from living an unfulfilled life. The book provides elements of leadership, self-help and spiritual wisdom all designed to compel the reader to leave their comfort zone and make the transition to a rewarding life and fulfilling career. “I want to help people find inner peace by living authentically. I want them to find clarity and purpose for life,” says Dudas, who holds a diploma in Mental Training and Coaching, along with a host of other degrees in civil engineering, leadership, and conflict management.

Dudas believes the road to living a fulfilling life involves overcoming fear, walking in personal integrity and credibility, living true to your values and being determined to get what you want out of life. He believes that the reason there is so much stress and unhappiness in life is because people do not place those values in high regard. They are afraid to move out and are stuck in a life crisis or career crisis. Do You Dare To Be Yourself? challenges readers to live their true values and step into a new destiny. “This will ultimately help people to achieve personal wellness, real power and mental stability.”


The rewards of authenticity:

The thick layer of powdery snow billowing over Agalom was unusual for this time of year. But in his stubborn way, Robin wearily trudged up a hill, the last hurdle before reaching his beloved hometown of Hamersflö. The polar bear had eaten little over the past few days, and sleep hadn’t crossed his mind. Adrenaline kept him awake, despite the exhaustion.

Robin’s seldom-flagging willpower and stubbornness gave him what he needed to make most of his dreams come true. His desire to tell people back home all about his grand adventures and profound insights drove him on through the swirling snow. Over the past few days, Robin had walked for miles over the ice—after a sudden squall at sea had blown him far off course, forcing him to abandon his raft in a fiord.

Even in snowstorms where temperatures dropped below freezing, and when surrounded by thick fog, Robin could find his way across the endless frozen desert. Being alone no longer bothered him. He’d learned to accept that he’d leave some friends behind if he followed his own path. Many had criticized and envied him simply because they didn’t understand why he had to follow his true calling, walking away from it all—including a secure job with excellent career opportunities.

“Be yourself!” his coach the eagle Alva reminded him, over and over again. “Don’t let anyone change you. Follow your inner compass! Then you’ll find the greatest treasure of all, the treasure everyone is searching for. But remember, you’ll have to pay a steep price: you’ll have to always do it alone.”

Alva, a loyal companion, seldom strayed far from Robin. This sleek bird with the distinctive white markings in the middle of her forehead hopped happily along, following in Robin’s large footsteps. A light and gentle breeze ruffled the feathers of her dark chocolate coat. The eagle took off, soaring high up into the sky, shooting back down to “whoosh” over her protégé’s head, enveloping Robin in a cloud of white snow. The polar bear listened as the soft sound of flapping wings faded in the distance.

Robin hunched over—plowing his way through the snow clouds. He didn’t want to lose Alva. As the flurry of snowflakes settled, Robin could make out the large rock that marked the highest point of the hill just ahead. He stopped to watch the eagle sitting on the rock, gracefully craning her neck. Something had captured Alva’s attention. Robin called out, but failed to get a reaction from the eagle. Even Robin’s mastery of animal communications and his extraordinary telepathic skills didn’t do him any good.
Robin reached the summit in a few short steps. When he finally caught up with Alva, he stroked the eagle’s soft feathery head. Both sets of eyes searched the wide plains of Agalom. Finally, Robin spied their hometown on the far horizon. His weary eyes filled with hot tears. He remembered how he’d sat in this very spot so many years ago, when he’d decided to set out on an exciting journey toward discovering his authentic self.

The last rays of the warm evening sun enveloped and caressed his gleaming, gold-tinged white fur. Over the past years, Robin had turned into a remarkably handsome bear. He felt particularly proud of his thick fur coat. Not only did it protect him from the harsh cold of the Arctic winter, it also helped him to build emotional strength, live authentically, and move toward self-fulfillment. His thick fur had given him the inner strength to cope with the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Robin had learned that those who attain self-fulfillment also develop high self-esteem. By simply being a polar bear, he had everything that he needed to face any challenge that might push him off his path.

This hadn’t always been the case. Years ago, constant fear ruled Robin’s life. He was worried that he might never amount to anything, that others wouldn’t accept him. Coupled with that fear was the constant uncertainty. He agreed to anything and everything, trying to guess and satisfy the unspoken needs of others. “How crazy,” he thought. “So many creatures never question what they’re told.”

Robin’s fears had tormented him. He became prone to frequent violent outbursts, in which he snapped at others and threw temper tantrums. He constantly worried about what others expected of him. In those days, Robin had firmly believed that it was wrong to make your own decisions. He feared that the other animals thought him to be stubborn, or that his choices were wrong—and so his doubts urged him to abandon his true self.

He wondered why he’d acted that way. The answer was simple. He’d always received a reward for this behavior. For a fleeting moment, he felt needed and acknowledged. He’d valued praise and respect much more than listening to his true self. In retrospect, it seemed he’d needed to destroy everything that made him unique—for the sake of being popular—and that he had completely lost his self-respect.

Other animals became jealous and criticized him. Each time he took the tiniest step forward, complainers, show-offs, and hypocrites tried to derail him. They used money, career opportunities, and power to seduce him into giving into their desires. Luckily, all of that had passed by him already—they were no longer a concern.

Robin licked his beautiful white fur proudly. Many envied his thick coat, the sign of a true polar bar. Thanks to Alva, his life coach, Robin’s self-awareness had grown—he was finally living up to the reputation of his species. Today, all of the challenges he once faced, blocking his path to authenticity, rolled off his thick fur like the melting snow.

The desire to develop his individuality, to stay true to himself, to apply his talents and creative energies, to recognize the core of his being, and to live life to the fullest provided the keys to his self-fulfillment. “Only he who is himself and thus fully expresses the genius within lives authentically,” thought Robin out loud. “That’s the reward for our troubles. How can it be that authentic polar bears are so hard to find in today’s world?

“Where are the creatures courageously following their true paths? Where did those go who, in spite of their weaknesses, lack of competence or status, will take a righteous stand? Who has the courage to stay true to their own values, even when they don’t coincide with society’s ideas? Who can do this without any hope of reward or recognition? Are such noble creatures truly an endangered species? Or can they follow the path of authenticity?”

Robin now knew the answers to all of these questions. He felt confident, and hoped with all of his heart that soon, more creatures with a polar bear mentality would populate the Earth. These creatures would achieve true authenticity, regardless of whether other animals appreciated, respected, or agreed with them. Unfortunately, many had yet to find the great reward that would be theirs—absolute self-confidence—that, in its turn, creates an individual of fantastic mental strength.

Sighing, Robin slowly closed his eyes as he recalled his many adventures, and how interesting it had been to eventually find the path to his true self.


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