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Blog Tour: Interview with Jill Muehrcke + Win $25 Amazon GC!

Waking Up Happy

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Pump Up Your Book & Jill Muehrcke are teaming up to bring you a great giveaway.  One lucky person who comments the most on her blog stops will receive a $25 gift certificate.  Comment and win!

Jill MuehrckeJuliana (Jill) Muehrcke is the award-winning author of many books and articles. Founder and editor of the international magazine Nonprofit World (snpo.org), she has studied at the University of Colorado and the University of Michigan and has a BA degree, specializing in English and psychology, from the University of Washington. Jill is listed in Who’s Who (MarquisWhoswho.com). In her spare time, she enjoys teaching yoga and eating ethnic food. For many years, in several cities, including Seattle, Honolulu, and Madison, she has written restaurant reviews.

Her latest book is Waking Up Happy: A Handbook of Change with Memoirs of Recovery and Hope.

You can visit her website at www.WakingUpHappyBook.com.

Listen to Jill on the Joy Cardin Show at http://wpr.org/search/ideas_program_search.cfm?StartYear=3&keyword=muehrcke&x=0&y=0.


Waking Up HappyWAKING UP HAPPY: A HANDBOOK OF CHANGE WITH MEMOIRS OF RECOVERY AND HOPE: Powerful, absorbing, and beautifully written, this first-of-its-kind book of transformation and healing includes memoirs of people who have recovered from addictions, harmful habits, and intolerable situations, along with exercises readers can do to make the same transformations in their own lives.

Half of the proceeds of this book will be donated to the Recovery Foundation helping people build new lives – so every time someone buys a book, they will be helping someone TRANSFORM THEIR LIFE!

Thanks for stopping off at Between the Covers, Jill. Can you give us the background story for why you wrote your book Waking Up Happy: A Handbook of Change with Memoirs of Recovery and Hope?

Jill: When I quit drinking in 1984, I discovered that quitting was only the first step in the journey to building a new life. I began collecting tools for change and realized that those same tools would be helpful to anyone who wanted to change their life. Waking Up Happy is the book I wish had been available then – a book of memoirs of people who have recovered from addictions and intolerable situations, along with exercises and to-do lists to help readers transform their own lives.

There are 30 storytellers in WAKING UP HAPPY, including me, my daughter, and my granddaughter. Each time one of these storytellers learns a lesson in their life, I have added exercises you can do to create those same changes in your own life. Each chapter ends with “Things to Do Today” and the book ends with “365 Steps on Your Journey” – an exercise for every day of the year – so that you will have something concrete to do each day to continue your journey of self-discovery and transformation.

How do you feel this book will change people’s lives?

Jill: People who have read the book tell me that the memoirs inspire them to change and the exercises give them the tools to do so. That’s what’s needed for any change – first, the motivation and belief that change is possible and, then, a set of concrete guidelines to pave the way. Then it’s just a matter of doing one small thing every day. In time, those tiny changes will add up to profound change.

Is this your only book?

Jill: I have written dozens of books in the educational field, including the best-selling book Map Use. But I’ve never before written or published anything as personal as Waking Up Happy.

What do you do for a living?

Jill: My “day job” is as the editor of Nonprofit World (snpo.org), which provides management and leadership advice to those who work in the nonprofit sector. I founded Nonprofit World in 1983 and have been its editor ever since. In addition, I have my own company, JP Publications, and do freelance writing and editing.

Where do you go to find sanctuary?

Jill: My bed!

Are you married? Single? Children?

Jill: I have been married to a wonderful man for 43 years. I have a daughter, Andrea, and two grandkids, Shyloh and Zeke.

What genre have you not written yet but would love to?

Jill: I have actually written six mysteries that are unpublished. Someday I would like to try my hand at that genre again.

If you had one piece of writing advice to give to aspiring authors, what would that be?

Take time to read and write for yourself. It’s the most important thing you can do as a writer, editor, and person. Read the great writers. Pay attention to how they use words and how they get their points across. Keep a journal. Allow your writing to be a living, daily part of who you are. Hold on to the knowledge that you’re in the right place, doing the right thing. Doing what you love.

Thank you again for this interview, Jill. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

Jill: Yes, I’m donating half the proceeds from Waking Up Happy to the Recovery Foundation (recoveryfoundation.org), which provides counseling for people who can’t afford to pay for it on their own. So when you buy a copy of Waking Up Happy, you are helping someone transform their life!


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