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Excerpt from Goddess Mother Speaks by Blanca Beyar

Title: Goddess Mother Speaks
Author: Blanca Beyar
Genre: Mind/Body/Spirit
Paperback: 186 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (March 15, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1461009146

The Goddess Mother is speaking to us in a way she has never done so before!

The Omega aspect of the GodHead shares with us vital information about the changing times we are living in, the future creation, the Children of the Light, Sacred Relationships and so many other vital areas of our lives.

In this incredible and divine dialogue from the Goddess Mother, she reaches out to all the children of the world with a spark of hope, of healing and renewal.

In this epic time of change and transformation, our beloved Goddess provides vital insight, guidance and love that will assist each of us to heal our spirit and to become part of the collective whole that will lead the new ascension of earth!

Read an Excerpt

There is no denying that Earth has gone through many changes; primarily due to the condition in which this sacred “womb” has been treated and neglected. The Mother Earth has been punctured and injured through the ages as she has been severely neglected and abused with both external toxicity and energetic poison. Many eons ago, the children completely forgot that the Earth was a breathing and living vessel that was literally sustaining, supporting and nourishing every molecule of existence. Gone, became the days and rituals that many of the Ancient Ones sacredly offered to the Earth in gratitude for all of her love and blessings.

With time, there was no longer even a subtle recognition to all that the children had to be thankful for. As technology and the desire to expand external development grew, the Earth slowly became an experimental ground for many toxic energies and waste. The greatest violation occurred in the lack of reverence and nourishment that a once healthy Earth received from the many Ancient Ones and Shamans that has almost ceased to exist now. The consequences of these actions and neglect are now sorely being felt in the future of the Earth’s atmosphere and core.

The Ancient Ones were precise when they predicted that in a time near, there would be great shifts and changes in the Cosmos and on Earth. These predictions have been known to the Ancient Ones for all eternity and the original blueprint of this shift was considered to be a “natural and normal” shift in the Galatia sense of the word. However, filled with wisdom and knowingness, the Ancient Ones also sensed that the predominating energies that would exist on Earth during the shift would surely engage with the natural course of events and would also have a monumental impact on Earth.

Still, true masters that they were, the Ancient Ones did not completely reveal all that they knew and for many today, this mystery is most intriguing as the masses are anxiously searching and waiting for the rest of the mysteries to be unveiled. What the Ancients Ones did not share—and what the little ones are waiting to discover regarding the approaching time of 2012, lays dormant and silently within each of you!


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