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Book Excerpt: My Heart and Soul by Marilyn Randall

Title: My Heart and Soul
Author: Marilyn Randall
Paperback: 135 pages
Publisher: iUniverse
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1450054928

Marilyn Randall writes about social issues facing society in today’s world. She uses powerful emotion to share her thoughts and ideas about alcoholism recovery, sexual abuse issues, interracial relationships and relationships experienced at a senior time of her life. She writes about loss, and times in her life when her family played a huge role in forming the person she later became as an adult. She shares prayers she writes and uses to help her overcome some of the more difficult happenings of her life. This compilation of works is a tribute to overcoming obstacles and learning to never give up while maintaining a steadfast faith and belief in God.

Book Excerpt:

I think that I have journeyed down this path before
that I saw the man ahead of me, beside me and behind me
and I know they didn’t speak and find his heart, but I did
and I loved it as God blessed it and me for the togetherness
and thank God I am colorblind

or I’d have missed him and who he is
and so will they and their loss will be so great
for kindness he is and gentleness he is and love he is
and I am wanting us and him and I will not walk away from him
but I will walk away from them who are blinded

My Heart and Soul is available to order at Amazon. To find out more about Marilyn, visit her website at www.marilynrandall.com.

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