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What You Should Know

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Author: Phyllis Zimbler Miller
Title: Anatomy of an Information Product Launch: What You Should Know About the Launch of an Online Information Product
Publisher: Miller Mosaic, LLC
Genre: Online Marketing
Language: English


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If you had a great idea today for an online information product – something for which you’ve identified a definite niche market – would you know the steps to take to get the product launched online? Steps such as the right software, shopping cart, copywriting, and online promotion needed?

If there’s a possible online information product in your future – or if you simply want to learn more about internet marketing – come along with National Internet Business Examiner Phyllis Zimbler Miller as she explains in details the steps she took in a one-month pre-launch for an online information product.

Phyllis pulls back the curtain to reveal everything she knew and everything she had to learn to fulfill her goal. And after reading this ebook ANATOMY OF AN ONLINE PRODUCT LAUNCH, you’ll be able to use this accumulated knowledge for yourself.

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computer 2Beware of Software Programs That Think Like Machines and Not Like People: Day 19

When you are setting up an information product launch that requires different software programs to work together, it’s important to remember that you are dealing with what I call “machine think.”

As you may recall, in my article of June 9th I talked about the bundled offer I had decided to create:

People signing up in July for the Miller Mosaic Internet Marketing Program would get for free an ebook of this entire month’s articles on launching an information product. Then starting August 1st the ebook would sell for $19.95 on the MillerMosaicLLC.com site.

Now here’s how the integration of our shopping cart software and our membership software works:

As soon as a person makes the payment through the shopping cart software, the person is suppose to be taken to the registration page for the membership site.

But because I had bundled a digital download product – the ebook – with the membership fee, the shopping cart software did what it was programmed to do. It inserted a step into the process and first took a person who had just paid to a new page to download the ebook.

In small letters below that ebook download link appeared the sentence: Once you have completed your downloads, please click here to complete your order.

I realized that this was totally unacceptable because people would download the ebook and then miss the link to the registration page. Then this would cause lots of emails asking where was the registration page.

Employing “people think,” I thought about how the Miller Mosaic Internet Marketing Program is a membership program. This means that getting to the registration page after paying is the most important action for the new member. The download can wait a minute or two.

Thus I went back into the shopping cart software and removed the bundled offer, leaving the membership product by itself. This then automatically removed the ebook download page from the process and took a new member directly to the registration page.

Plus to make sure we don’t disappoint anyone, even for a minute or two, we added the information at the top of the registration page that, as soon as the registration is filled out, the person would get access to the ebook download.

Why have I gone into such detail on what it appears to be a minor detail?

Because it is not a minor detail. If I had left the bundled offer in the shopping cart I would have risked confusing many people.

One of the main tenets of the Miller Mosaic Internet Marketing Program is NOT to overwhelm people but instead to make things easy to understand. And this is why it was very important to make the immediate experience after paying for the membership program a pleasant experience and NOT a frustrating one.

The moral of this story? Whenever you create a process for customers/clients, put yourself in their point of view. Realize that they don’t know what you know – and figure out what they need to know/do to smoothly accomplish the “next steps.”

Sometimes focusing on the customer’s/client’s point of view will require finding a way around “machine think” – and your customers/clients will appreciate the “people think” process.

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PhyllisPhyllis Zimbler Miller started Miller Mosaic, LLC to provide the services she wanted for herself for online marketing. The publication of Phyllis’ MRS. LIEUTENANT: A SHARON GOLD NOVEL in April 2008 launched Phyllis into internet marketing, including using social networking such as Twitter and Facebook to market her book.

Phyllis hired her daughter Yael K. Miller – now the chief technology officer for Miller Mosaic, LLC — and together they have created the internet marketing company Miller Mosaic, LLC that helps people promote their brand, book or business.

In April Phyllis became a National Internet Business Examiner at ww.InternetBizBlogger.com, writing articles several times a week on effective internet businesses and internet marketing. Then in June Phyllis wrote a month-long series on the steps of an information product launch in anticipation of the July 1st launch of the Miller Mosaic Internet Marketing Program.

This article series forms the basis of the just-released ebook “ANATOMY OF AN INFORMATION PRODUCT LAUNCH: WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE LAUNCH OF AN ONLINE INFORMATION PRODUCT.” In this ebook Phyllis has shared the trials and triumphs of launching an online information product.

Phyllis has a B.A in journalism from Michigan State University and worked as a journalist for several years. She also studied advertising design at the Philadelphia College of Art before earning an M.B.A. at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and working in marketing and web design in Los Angeles.

You can visit her website at www.MillerMosaicLLC.com to learn more about the Miller Mosaic Internet Marketing Program and you can read her Examiner.com articles at www.InternetBizBlogger.com.

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