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DIARY OF A MAD GEN Y ER by Marcus Dino

Diary of a Mad Gen Y er

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Author: Marcus Dino
Title: Diary of a Mad Gen Y er
Publisher: Smashwords
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Language: English


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Perhaps more of a prequel than a sequel to Marcus Dino’s electrifying Hollywood novel, Fifi Anything Goes in the Doubles Os (Iuniverse 2003, Airleaf 2005) Diary of a Mad Gen Yer focuses on the hilarious adventures of 21st century actress/heroine Fifi Larouche; her silly poems, her silly stories, her silly blogs, during her days working as a waitress while pursuing her dreams of Hollywood fame.

‘Gen Yer’ also introduces colorful new characters such as Alocki, the alien from the planet Zatoris and ‘the smartest person Fifi ever met,’ Flifi, Fifi’s’ ‘fairy alter ego’ from the ‘Alternate Earth’ who gives people advice but has a little stinger on her tail and stings people who do wrong (they feel itchy) and throws pixie dust on people who do right, and dick, an evolutionary scientist who enjoys arguing religion with Fifi and is a ‘proud atheist.’

Of course many of the major characters in Fifi such as Biff, Fifi’s bohemian actor/software engineer boyfriend and Charles, Fifi’s domineering college professor father who thinks Fifi is ‘wasting her time in ‘ala land ‘and needs to come back to her hometown of Des Moines Iowa to work as a banker, are back in ‘Gen Yer.’

While Fifi tended at times to focus on Fifi’s serious side, ‘Gen Yer’ almost exclusively focuses on Fifi’s comical adventures and her ‘silly thoughts’ and will keep readers laughing from beginning to end.

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Perseverance, that’s what my name is. This compilation of stuff about my daily struggles, adventures, and thoughts thru blogs, short stories, and silly poems, well that’s what my game is. You people want to read these silly stories, poems, and blogs, well that’s up to you. You people think “Naaaaaaaaaah this is just more silly stuff coming out of Fifi’s head, I’d rather buy that lottery ticket that I get in the email which says, ‘Congratulations you have already won the Scottish/Ugandan lottery of 5 million pounds, just ‘purchase’ the lottery ticket with your winning number on it and give us all your personal information and we will send you a cashier’s check,’” well that’s up to you. You people would rather walk your pet boa constrictor or pet tarantula around the block than read my stories, well that’s up to you.

I will tell you that life is short and perhaps we only get one shot to live on God’s green Earth, after that kaput! Of course you will meet your good friends or loved ones at the pearly gates when the time comes and they’ll tell you “Did you ever read Diary of a Mad Gen Yer when you were down on Earth? It’s one of the silliest books I’ve ever read,” and you’ll answer……regretfully………..”Well you know my pet boa constrictor got rather impatient and I always needed to walk him……I just never had the time to read that kind of nonsense…..”

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Marcus Dino has had an interesting professional career, first as an Aerospace engineer, next as a passionate math teacher teaching in urban Los Angeles which he currently still does, and finally, as a part time literary fiction author. It is Mr Dino’s being a die hard movie buff that led him to writing Diary of a Mad Gen Yer in addition to his first novel, Fifi, Anything goes in the Double Os, first published in 2003. Mr Dino is a graduate of Chapman University and he also has Masters Degrees in both Education and Electrical Engineering. Diary of a Mad Gen Yer and Fifi can be found at www.smashwords.com and http://www.summertimproductions.net. Mr Dino’s personal website which includes numerous blogs, short stories, and poems involving his central character Fifi Larouche, which helped inspire him to write his anthology, Diary, can be found at www.authorsden.com/marcusdino.


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