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Author: HBF Teacher
Title: No Teachers Left Behind
Paperback: 241 pages
Publisher: 2nd Avenue Publishing
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0-9747570-5-6



Explored through a series of poems, emails, and brief conversations, No Teachers Left Behind is a fictional yet realistic look at the frustrations of middle school staff.


HBF Teacher has been a public school Middle grades teacher for three years.  Before that, HBF substitute taught for two years.  HBF has also worked as a live-in nanny and an accounts payable representative.  

Today when not nurturing young minds, HBF enjoys travel, photography, culinary arts, and the cinema.  The Cohen Brothers and Tyler Perry are among her favorite artistic contributors.



From: Margaret Bascombe/Vilyon Middle School/TCPS

To: All Faculty and Staff                                        

Re: CPR Training


Dear Teammates,

It is CPR training time again.   Now we can prepare ourselves for life’s unplanned emergencies.   If you have not been certified and wish to be, please send me an e-mail no later than Wednesday.    I cannot tell you how important it is to have your CPR certification.   Just last week, a high school student went to the movies with some friends.   When he had his heart attack, no one in the movie theater was certified in CPR.   This child, a former student of ours, died on the theater floor.   Doctors at the hospital later stated that CPR could have saved this young man’s life. CPR is important.   It can make the difference between life and death.   If you feel you are too busy to come in early or stay late for this invaluable class, do not think about yourself, think about your students and your co-workers.  

Hope to see you at the training,

Margaret Bascombe

School Nurse, Vilyon Middle School



From: Sonya Harte/Vilyon Middle School/TCPS

To: Angela Williams                                                                                                                                     

Re: CPR Course


Two questions: Do we get more money if we obtain our CPR certifications?  If we are certified, can we be prosecuted and/or fired if we refuse to give CPR to a particular student or staff member?   I am certainly not going to save the life of someone I absolutely despise.  In that regard, I would be punishing myself, and I already get more than enough hell.  I am so not a sadist.

Have a good day girl,

Sonya Harte

7th grade Social Studies, Vilyon Middle School


5 thoughts on “NO TEACHERS LEFT BEHIND by HBF Teacher

  1. This sounds like an interesting book. To be honest, I’ve met very few teachers that I actually like, but it is going to be interesting to see their side of the story.

  2. Thanks for posting an excerpt of NO TEACHERS LEFT BEHIND here. This is one of my favorite sites so it’s an honor to see my work shared here. Thanks again!

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  4. Wow. I was so looking forward to reading the excerpt of this book. Cheryl has been in charge of this tour so this is my first glimpse into what was inside. Wow. It’s time all this was brought out into the open.

  5. Having half my family members being teachers I can relate to this book . I am looking forward to learning more about HBF and the book during this virtual tour.

    Thank you for an interesting and enjoyable post.


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