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The Losing Game by T.E. Scott written with Stephen Edds

the-losing-game-cover1Author: T.E. Scott written with Stephen Edds
Title: The Losing Game: Why You Can’t Beat Wall Street
Paperback: 187 pages
Publisher: Hidden Truth Publishing
Genre: Business; personal finance
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-981-9370


T.E. Scott exposes the stock market and commodity markets for what they really are — brilliantly marketed rip-offs. The Losing Game simplifies a very complex system that Wall Street has designed to separate the masses from their money without accountability or prosecution. As a result of this design, they have tricked us into believing that the stock market and commodity markets are something they are not.


Wall Street is fleecing millions of Americans every day with brokerage houses, Congress and the media as willing accomplices. With their help, the American public is fooled into thinking that investing is safe and convinced that, if they’re smart and listen to the right people, they can accumulate wealth quickly. And when we fail, our tax money bails them out.


T.E. Scott founded and spent twenty-five years as CEO of Scott Pet Products,(scottpet.com) building the enterprise into a multimillion-dollar company in Rockville, Indiana. Before starting that business, Scott spent thirty-two years working as a baggage handler for Eastern Airlines. When he lost most of his pension when the company went bankrupt in the 1980s, Scott started on the road to exposing the true nature of Wall Street. Scott is retired and resides in Veedersburg, Indiana.
Stephen Edds is a native of Owensboro, Kentucky and is a graduate of Hanover (Indiana) College. Edds spent fifteen years in corporate marketing communications before striking out on his own as a freelance writer and joining Scott as consumer watchdogs with a focus on exposing Wall Street. Edds moved to Indianapolis in 1996, where he still resides with his wife, Erin, and son Levi.
You can visit the authors online at http://thelosinggame.com/




Let’s make this easy. There’s no way to beat the system.


None. It doesn’t exist. From the moment you start investing by buying a share of stock or commodity contract, you are participating in what I call a minus-sum game. At the end of the day, investors (you, your family, neighbors and coworkers) as a whole will lose money. That is not a theory, it’s a simple fact!


What do I mean by a “minus-sum game?” If you think about it, investors are the only ones putting money into the pot through buying shares of stock or commodity contracts. When a company sells a share, it takes money out of the pot and does not give it back to the investors. Wall Street brokers and the stock market and commodities exchanges take a cut out of the investors’ pot every time investors buy and sell thereafter. The company, brokers and exchanges are taking money out of the pot, and investors are the only ones putting money in. Investors as a whole will wind up with less money in hand at the end of the day than they started with. That should tell you right away that, if you’re participating in a “minus-sum game,” you can’t beat the system.


Every day, people who put their hard-earned money into commodity market contracts and shares in publicly traded companies in the stock market lose billions of dollars to the exchanges, brokerage firms, IRS, money managers, company shares, CEO stock options, and other investors. The financial leaders who designed the system have developed a brilliant and successful business plan to separate the masses from their money without accountability or prosecution by creating legalized gambling. The rich and greedy who use this system to accumulate wealth and power without remorse have total control. The rest of us, the victims of their marketing scheme, are merely pawns. Now, you may believe you are investing when, in fact, you are playing complex minus-sum gambling games created to separate you from your money. You are gambling with your retirement, pensions and 401k, just as if you were at the slot machines at Las Vegas, except for one thing . . . Vegas is honest.



3 thoughts on “The Losing Game by T.E. Scott written with Stephen Edds

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  2. Don’t let the media dismiss the nationwide protests yesterday as just a “collection of uneducated and uninformed misfits.”

    Buy one or more copies of The Losing Game and find out why Wall Street hurts average Americans and find out that there are options outside of Wall Street.

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