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HERMETICA by Paul Kiritsis

Hermetica: Myths, Legends, Poems
Literary Collection
306 pages

About the Book:

Hermetica: Myths, Legends, Poems
(September, 2007) is a homeric journey into the night where the world of dreams and symbols has sculpted our mythological past.

Using the language of alchemy, astrology and magic this tome seeks to reconstruct the lost bonds between old myths contained in the oral folklore of Ancient Egypt; stories which once served as the backbone of a religion centred around Osirian ritual – the cosmic cycles of death, dismemberment and resurrection.

It also contains a sequel to the popular Middle Egyptian tale, The Story of the Shipwrecked Sailor; a visual and dramatic interpretation of the passion of Osiris; an astrological allegory of the war between the heavenly bodies and a hermetic saga between a white witch and her mirror. The accompanying collection of poetry is a homage to the alchemy of love.

Theories of Migration

Lying beside you on a dreamy pillow,

I watch the wind toy with the curtains

Which part, letting the flickering light

Awaken the sleeping contours of your name –

And from deep inside the hourglass of

Your living shadow, I can see the grains

Of my heart migrating like ravenous storks

From the caffeine of numb winters

To the cocktail of drunken summers.

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