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Ashley’s Unforgettable Summer
by Grace Reddick
Children’s Fiction

“Tina! Where are you going? Come back here, “Ashley yelled, chasing Tina to the stairs. But as usual, the little chimp was moving fast. There was no stopping her. She slid down the banister and out of sight.

About the Author:

With the release of her first book, “Ashley’s Unforgettable Summer,” Grace Reddick has joined the rank of published authors. She has collected friends and memories along the way. She say’s enduring friendships play an important role in her life.

Grace was born and grew up in Savannah, GA and moved to Ellabell, GA in 1970. She is a born again child of God, and has been a member of Faulkville Baptist Church since 1995.

She is a member of the International Society of Poets, a member of The Christian Pen and a member of Authors Den. Grace has donated books to all the school’s and libraries she has been invited to. She wants children to have access to the book, and believes that reading is a vital part of learning.

Grace has always loved to write for her own pleasure. She began to journal many years ago, and found it to bring healing for her mind and spirit. It also enabled her to seek and express her inner self.

Grace has written poetry for the local paper, as well as articles and poetry upon request. She had always admired writers, and hoped that one day she would be able to achieve that same prestige . After a short period she put her writings aside for several years. She wasn’t quite sure why, maybe the timing wasn’t right. Last year Grace realized that she should pursue the talent that God had given her. She once again began to create a story, populate it with characters, and act out the ideas that were buzzing around in her head.

You can visit her website at www.grace4books.com.



5 thoughts on “ASHLEY’S UNFORGETTABLE SUMMER by Grace Reddick

  1. My children really enjoyed your book. They laughed all the way through it. The story keeps you wondering what will happen next. I also enyoyed it. Can’t wait to read your next one.
    Continued success.

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  3. My children loved your book. They could hardly wait for me to read the next chapter. My girls loved Ashley and Rylee as they tried to keep Tina under control. My boys loved the crazy things Tina did.
    I’m looking forward to you next book.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. I was very pleased with your book, Ashley’s Unforgettable Summer. My son could hardly wait for me to turn the page to see what Tina the Chimpanzee was getting into next. He also liked the full page pictures. Everything about the book is delightful. It is truly a keepsake.
    We’re waiting for your next book.
    Best wishes.

  5. I must say this is the best childrens book I’ve ever read. It has context and not pictures with a few story line beneath it.
    Thank you for a great book.

    Can hardly wait for your next book.

    Best of luck.

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