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THE HERETIC by Andrew Feder

The Heretic
by Andrew Feder
ISBN-10: 1434330540
Publisher: AuthorHouse

As we walked by the antiquities area, we saw a group of archeologists looking at an array of what looked like Greek armor with a helmet, shield and an unusual sword. The sword had the form used by a Japanese samurai with its one-sided blade that was rather thin but forged from a steel-like metal but with sparkling bronze-looking metal splattered within the alloy. The sword’s handle was made of a brilliant gold with a deep black metal alloy at the knobbed end, which was artistically engraved with Egyptian hieroglyphics. The armor, also unusual, had a light but tightly ringed gold like mesh similarly worn by the knights during the Middle Ages. Along the collar of the armor was an engraving of Old Hebrew writing mixed with Egyptian hieroglyphics. The artifacts were apparently discovered on the Island of Crete and were thought to be from the time period of Alexander the Great. The Spartan helmet with its thick black and white long mane still intact and mysteriously with absolutely no decay running down the center and a braided tail in the back had a glowing brass/gold-like metal alloy and an unusual engraved marking on the forehead——a six pointed star like a Star of David. Above the Star of David was an engraving of a Masonic-like image——an Egyptian pyramid with an Egyptian eye on top. This marking was also on the center of the shield, which was made of the same unusual alloy gold-like metal.

We looked over the shoulders of the archeologists as they examined their new find. With their magnifying glasses, they were looking over every square inch of these artifacts. An archeologist brushed off the dust from the shield, and Greek markings appeared. The markings were engraved within the thick black circular design.
One of the archeologists read the Greek out loud. Another asked, “What does it mean?”
I interjected, “To the soul of mankind… to the all that live in the air, in the water or on the Earth… to the physical Earth… to the infinite stars and heavenly bodies… to the love that has no boundaries… All is connected to the One… The Infinite One…”
All of the archaeologists, in total amazement, looked at me with a bewildered look.
One of the archaeologists asked, “Is that what it says?”
The one reading the Greek hesitantly answered back, “Uh, yeah.”
I immediately grabbed Joanne’s hand, and with great discretion, we quickly exited the museum.
Joanne said, “I didn’t know that you knew Greek.”
“I don’t.”



6 thoughts on “THE HERETIC by Andrew Feder

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  2. Okay, Andrew, now you have me hooked. Great excerpt. Did exactly what you wanted it to, I bet! I’m also on tour this month with my romantic thriller, “Checkmate.” I’ll stop by and see you again in a few days!

  3. Congratulations and much success, fellow author! Your concept sounds very intriguing…will definitely have to take a closer look!

    R. Leigh
    author, The Winds of Asharra

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